Tips To Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter

Tips to keep your kids warm this winter. #family #kids #winter #snow #wintercoat #fall #family

Winter is fast approaching, and while your kids might be excited to get outdoors kicking fallen leaves or play in the snow, you might be worried about keeping them warm. While winter colds are entirely normal, you’ll want to minimize their suffering and keep them comfortable. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can keep your children warm this winter.

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Make Changes to Your Home


Kids love playing outside, and even when it’s cold, getting out in the fresh air, exploring the winter world can be good for them, not to mention great fun. However, they’ll need to be able to warm up when they get home. That means that you need to keep your house warm and well-looked after. Hire roofing contractors to make some roof repairs, get your boiler serviced, run your heating a little each day and make sure you close your curtains, and internal doors when the sun goes down.



Encourage Good Habits To Keep Kids Warm In Winter


When your children are babies and toddlers, keeping them warm is entirely within your power. You wrap them up before they go out and keep them warm at home. When they start growing up, they aren’t always with you, and you can’t control their behavior. You can, however, teach them good habits. Encourage them to wear layers, to put gloves and a hat on when they are outside and to fasten their coats. Keep reminding them.


Tips to keep your kids warn this winter. #parenting #kids #snow #winter #fall


You Can Never Have Too Many Gloves


Where do gloves go? There must be millions of odd gloves, and socks, somewhere. Your young children will lose their gloves; there’s no question. One way to keep gloves from getting lost is by investing in some mitten clips. For older kids, have a designated basket or bin where they can put their winter accessories when the return home. Scarves and hats might be left in parks or on buses too. Older kids will always be leaving things at school. So make sure you’ve always got some spares.


Get Into a Good Bedtime Routine


No one likes being cold at home, and your children will be more likely to pick up winter colds and other bugs if they don’t get enough sleep or spend all night uncomfortable and cold. So, get into good bedtime routines to keep them warm. Close the curtains in bedrooms before the sun sets, place a hot water bottle between their sheets, and if they have a bath before bed, make sure their hair is fully dry. Buy thick PJs and bed socks to keep them warm.


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Tips to keep your kids warn this winter. #parenting #kids #snow #winter #fall


Keep Moving Outdoors


When you are outside, make sure you are all moving. Run around to keep your blood pumping, and try not to stand still if you have to wait for a bus.



Hot Drinks


Hot drinks are incredibly warming. Young children might enjoy a warm milk drink, or even a hot chocolate when they get in from playing outdoors.


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Check Waterproofs


Kids are terrible at telling us when something is ripped or needs replacing. So, make sure you check that their coats, snow pants, and boots all fit well and are in good condition.





Wear Layers


Like adults, the best way to trap hot air next to the body and keep children warm is with layers. Add a vest and leggings under school uniforms or outer layers, even if they think they are too old.


Tips to keep your kids warm this winter. #family #kids #winter #snow #wintercoat #fall #family



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