Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids

Easy Halloween ghost craft for kids. #holloween #kidscraft #easycraft #kids #fall


Holiday’s are a great time for crafts with kids. This paper cup ghost Halloween craft for kids is a great way to keep kids entertained.

Halloween is one of my kids favorite times of the year. Besides picking out pumpkins, costumes and watching Halloween movies together, we like to make Halloween crafts.


This is such an easy and fun Halloween craft for kids. My daughters had a blast creating their ghost faces. No two paper cup ghosts will be the same!


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Recently, between school pickups, I fit in a trip to the Dollar Store. My kids and I love the Dollar Store. Every time we go there, we load up on craft supplies. I can’t see the point in spending tons of money on craft supplies at a craft store when I can get them at the Dollar Store. While there we found all the supplies we needed to make paper cup ghosts for Halloween. The total cost of this project was less than $5, which makes this momma happy.

Paper Cup Ghost Halloween Craft For Kids


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids


Supplies Needed:

White Paper Cups

White Crepe Paper


Black Sharpie Marker

White Yarn ( optional )


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Start by drawing your ghost face. Because this is drawn with a Sharpie marker, you might want to help your kids. I found that Crayola markers didn’t work. They rubbed off when the cups were handled.


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids


Next, you’ll apply glue to the inside of the mouth of the cup. For this, I used a glue stick, but you can use any glue or tape.


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids


Cut the crepe paper into strips. The pieces can be cut as long as your little one wants; each ghost will be different. For the size cup I had, it took five pieces of crape paper. Attach the crepe paper onto the inside of the cup where the glue is spread.


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids


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Using a pencil or scissors, put a small hole in the top of the cup. You’ll most likely have to help younger kids with this. The hole is where you’ll put the yarn or string through so that you can hand the ghost up. I attached the yarn with a piece of tape on the inside of the cup.


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids


Halloween Ghost Craft For Kids



That’s it! Make as many as you like, you may even end up with an entire ghost family hanging from your mantle for Halloween.


Easy Halloween ghost craft for kids. #holloween #kidscraft #easycraft #kids #fall


Do you have any favorite Halloween crafts you like to do with your kids? I’d love to hear about them.


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