Changes You’ll Go Through During Pregnancy

Changes To Your Body During Pregnancy. #pregnancy #pregnant #mom #momlife #newbaby #newborn #parenting

Pregnancy changes your life in so many ways!

We all know that pregnancy is a huge experience that changes your life in many ways. But until you experience it, it is hard to know whether you are going to have all of the changes that you hear about, or how bad it might be for you, and so on. Because of this, any advice you receive is only ever going to be just that – advice – and not necessarily the golden rule. Nonetheless, it is still helpful to hear from others what their experience was like so that you can try to get a little more ready for the whole process.


 One of the things that you are going to want to look into is knowing what kinds of changes you might be able to expect during the pregnancy period itself. No matter how much research you do you’ll never know what your pregnancy will bring.

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Nonetheless, in this post I am going to try and give an overview of some of the more important and drastic changes that you might be able to expect when you are pregnant. The more aware you are of these, the more likely it is that you will deal with them well. If nothing else, it will mean that you are more mentally prepared for them. That can only be a good thing. So let’s take a look at some of the major changes that you might be able to expect. You might then feel much more ready for them and able to handle them better.


Changes To Your Body During Pregnancy.


Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy


One kind of change which is going to become immediately obvious not just to you, but to everyone around you, is the hormonal kind. We all know that pregnant women go through some pretty sudden and severe hormonal changes, and because of that, you can expect these to have a knock-on effect on the rest of your life. That means that it affects much else of what you are going to experience too. But understanding how some of these changes function and what they actually do inside you can help you to come to terms with it early on, and therefore deal with it a lot better too, so it’s definitely something that we should look into in a little more detail.


One of the primary hormonal changes that you can expect during pregnancy is that your estrogen levels will increase dramatically. This increase will sustain for the duration of the pregnancy, so it is absolutely something that you are going to want to be prepared for. With a rise in estrogen, you can expect all sorts of alterations in mood, behavior, and in your body itself. You will produce more estrogen during one pregnancy than during the entirety of the rest of your life. More estrogen means that your uterus and placenta can do their jobs more effectively, improving the formation of blood vessels, transferring nutrients to the baby, and generally supporting the developing fetus. Clearly, this is hugely important, but some unwanted changes might come along for the ride, too, when your estrogen levels are peaking.

It is thought to be the rapid increase in estrogen, which leads primarily to the experience of nausea. This is something that most – but not all – women experience during their pregnancy. Estrogen also causes sudden breast development associated with pregnancy too. But it’s not just estrogen levels which are going to increase. You will also undergo a rapid increase in your progesterone, which is associated with other side effects that we all know about, including transforming the uterus to a size big enough to hold a baby. All of these hormonal changes are going to be particularly salient around the third trimester, but they are present throughout, and the more prepared you are for them, the easier a time you are likely to have.



Weight Gain


It’s no secret that a pregnant woman gains weight during pregnancy, and you will need to make sure that you are prepared for this too. If you are not, then you might find it shocking just how much weight you have put on, and what kind of speed you see this happen in too. Weight gain is one of the more upsetting symptoms of pregnancy for many women, but it is not permanent, and you should not worry about it lasting forever after the pregnancy has finished. But there are some changes that come along with weight gain that you might want to try and be aware of if you hope to master the situation.

In particular, weight gain means that your circulation is going to be a little slower, and the circulation of other bodily fluids will be slower too. This can be a strange experience for many people, so it is something which you will have to think about beforehand in order to get ready for it as best as you can. You might experience swelling of the face and limbs, which is obviously uncomfortable and upsetting – but is entirely normal, so don’t fret if it does happen to you.

It is important during this time to get plenty of rest, avoid standing for too long, and to ensure that you avoid caffeine and alcohol. This will ensure that you can keep your body functioning as well as possible, even under those pressures that you are going to have during pregnancy.


Stretch Marks

Given the way in which the body suddenly gets bigger during pregnancy, it should be hardly surprising that you are going to have stretch marks. Almost all women who go through pregnancy come out on the other side with stretch marks, so this is something that you should think about if you are going into pregnancy at the moment or soon. It can be upsetting to have that kind of change happen to your body, especially as stretch marks are generally going to remain long after you have had the baby. However, it’s important also to remember that it is not the end of the world, and there are things you can do to help this along. If you look up how to heal stretch marks after pregnancy, you will find that it is something you can do easily enough – so try not to get too over-concerned about them. Applying lotion regularly to your belly and back can help with stretch marks.


Changes To Your Body During Pregnancy.




In terms of how you feel in yourself, there is one major symptom that you can expect for most of the nine months – tiredness. It is hardly surprising that you are going to be tired, given the nature of what your body and mind are going through. Even so, many women find themselves taken aback by just how tired they really do become. There is not much to say here except that you need to try and be ready for it, and you don’t go worrying that it is going to be some kind of problem or something is wrong with you. It is perfectly normal to be tired, and you should make sure that you are allowing yourself the chance to rest as much as you possibly can. That is the best way to deal with it.





You might not have heard of this one, but it is just as common as the other changes, and you need to make sure that you are going to be able to prepare for this too. Having heartburn all the time is not the kind of experience that anyone is going to enjoy, so you should bear that in mind. Nonetheless, it is something that is almost certainly going to happen to you if you do get pregnant. There is not too much you can do about it, but it helps to know that it is going to happen, so it doesn’t take you by surprise too much when it does occur. Check with your doctor to find out if there is anything that will help with your heartburn.



Changes To Hair & Nails During Pregnancy


You will also experience a number of changes in your hair and nails, and these are likely to surprise many women when they do occur. However, they are among the least concerning changes that you will go through, and you shouldn’t find yourself worrying about these too much. Still, it is good to know about them so that you can feel more prepared for the pregnancy in as many ways as possible. You might have something as serious as hair loss. While this will probably right itself after the baby is born, it is still going to be a little alarming for many women. Or you might find that your nails grow suddenly much faster. That is not necessarily a problem, but it might surprise you. You’ll need to ensure that you keep on top of your grooming even more than usual for that reason alone, despite everything else.

As you can see, there are plenty of changes that you might want to prepare for. As long as you are ready for these, you should be able to ensure that you know what might come as you go into your pregnancy.


Changes To Your Body During Pregnancy. #pregnancy #pregnant #mom #momlife #newbaby #newborn #parenting


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