The Once A Week House Cleaning Routine

The once a week cleaning routine that will make your life easier. Why clean everyday when you can get it all done in one day. #cleaning #cleaningroutine #routine #list #tips #homemaker #homemaking #momlife #cleaningtasks

The once a week house cleaning routine will make your weeks easier. By doing all of your major cleaning one day a week, you’re left with less to do during the week. As busy homemakers and moms we could all use a little extra time during the week.


The biggest thing you need to figure out is what to do with your extra time. I spend my extra time blogging, going to the gym or knitting. Ok, let me be totally honest here, I take naps in my free time too.



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First, let’s look at the benefits of doing all your major cleaning once a week. If you get all your cleaning done in one day, the other days of the week, you’ll simply have to straighten and do the daily chores like dishes and the occasional load of laundry. I call that damage control.

I choose Sunday’s to do my major cleaning, and it sets me up for an easier week. It’s great going into a new week knowing that the bathrooms are clean, laundry done, and everything is in its place.  On Sunday night, the kitchen is clean, bathrooms are clean, house is vacuumed and everything is laid out for Monday morning. Let’s face it, Monday’s are rough, so anything I can do to make them easier is great.

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Everyone’s once a week cleaning routine will be different. You might choose a different day of the week or different cleaning tasks. It’s all about what works for you and makes your home run more smoothly.

At the beginning of your cleaning day, it’s important to have a to-do list, so you don’t forget anything. I’m somewhat of a list-making queen. I have lists for everything. If you want tips on making your to-do list or even some free to-do list printables you can grab them here.



The Once A Week Cleaning Routine



I tackle my kitchen first simply because I start my cleaning day right after we have our big Sunday morning breakfast.

Here’s what I do in the kitchen:

-Empty and load the dishwasher

-Wash any water bottles or dishes that have to be washed by hand

-Clean out the kitchen sink and put a few drops of grapefruit essential oil in the drain to make it smell better.

-Empty the trash

-Go through the pantry, refrigerator and freezer to see what needs to be tossed.

-Grab all the clutter that doesn’t belong and put in in my basket of things to be put away.

-Wipe down the kitchen counters and appliances. To see my favorite cleaning products check out this post.

-If you’re wondering if I clean the kitchen floors, I do. I do all the floors at the end of my cleaning routine.


Once a week cleaning routine



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Living Room Tasks

My kids seem to clutter the living room with pillows and blankets every night, as well as dirty dishes from snacks.

-Put all the pillows and blankets back where they go

-Clean up any dirty dishes my kids have left from the night before

-Wipe down all surfaces including the couch. I use this spray to wipe everything in my house down, and it smells amazing!

-Grab anything that doesn’t belong and put it in my basket of things to be put away.



Dining Room Tasks

Our dining room is pretty simple. I like to think it’s minimalistic. The only thing we have in there is our table and chairs, which makes cleaning simple.

-Wipe down the table and chairs with my favorite spray

-That’s it since I clean all the floors last


Once a week cleaning routine




Ok, this one is my least favorite! How do my kids get such huge globs of toothpaste in the sink?

-Wipe down mirrors and counter

-Wipe down and clean the toilet. * Don’t forget the base of the toilet*

-Empty the trash * To make this easier I carry a trash bag with me throughout the house*

-Restock the toilet paper

-Put out a clean hand towel. I love these towels because they don’t show stains.




Laundry Room

On cleaning day my laundry room is a disaster because I’m washing everything!

-Wipe down the appliances

-Empty the trash


Once a week house cleaning routine


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I’ve always been terrible about changing the bedding, but with this routine, it gets done once a week.

-Strip all the beds and put the sheets in the washer. I have two sets of sheets for each bed, so I go ahead and put the clean sheets on at this point. If you only have one set of sheets, wait until they come out of the laundry.

-Wipe down all surfaces

-Grab anything that doesn’t belong and put it in my basket of things to put away.


At this point you’re almost done.

Vacuum and mop all floors. I use a Swiffer to make mopping easier. I have a reusable Swiffer pad that I knitted. You can get the free knitting pattern here.

Put everything in the basket I’ve been collecting random things in away. I usually have my kids help with this since it’s mostly their stuff anyways.

Once the laundry is finished for the day I put it all away.


That’s it. The whole house is now clean and ready for the week. While it is lots of work, it only takes about two hours and sets you up for an easy week as far as housework goes.



The once a week cleaning routine that will make your life easier. Why clean everyday when you can get it all done in one day. #cleaning #cleaningroutine #routine #list #tips #homemaker #homemaking #momlife #cleaningtasks




Do you clean once a week? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Written by: Devon


  1. Kat Charles | 7th Nov 19

    I like this breakdown of tasks by area. We do tend to clean once a week. How much time do you spend on maintenance?

    • | 7th Nov 19

      Usually around 45 min a day.

  2. Billy | 27th Dec 19

    Thanks for sharing but I would prefer to clean my kitchen, living room and bedroom daily otherwise my children will create a mess. 😛

  3. Debbie | 9th Jun 20

    We do once a week cleaning and then just maintain it through the week. Thankfully, my hubby took bathroom cleaning off my hands because I hate it so much. I also go from room to room and we are usually done in under 2 hours.

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