The Virtual P.O. Box – Making Military Life a Little Easier

The Virtual P.O. Box is a great way to make military life easier. #militarylife #armywife #pcs #deployment #armylife


Being in a military family is such a rewarding experience and a huge source of pride. We’re a special bunch. But running a military family comes with its own unique set of challenges and needs that other families simply can’t understand sometimes. Military moms often need a little extra help when it comes to keeping the household running smoothly when their husband or partner is deployed or when moving from base to base (and sometimes country to country!).



There are several products and services around these days seek to make life more convenient for military families. One of those new services is a cool idea: cloud-based P.O. box service, or a virtual post office box. It sounds strange, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, especially for military families.


make military life easier




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Many people have started taking advantage of “informed delivery,” a way to see what mail is arriving before it turns up. This takes that idea a step further. A virtual P.O. box is pretty much exactly how it sounds. It’s a regularly functioning mailing address and P.O. box, same as you would remember and recognize, but it’s checked virtually. That means that instead of having to drive to the local post office, you simply sit down with your laptop or smartphone and check your mail. Documents can be viewed in PDF or image form, with a variety of options available on how to reply, view, and save them. You can check your mail any time, day or night, and the service offers customer service support seven days a week. Get alerts in real-time as you receive mail.


You will have a real, physical address with your virtual P.O. box, so nobody will know that you’re using a cloud-based version. You can reply and forward mail as well as send documents, too, with total ease, all around the world. You’re even able integrate your mail with Evernote and other apps.

make military life easier


You might be wondering how a virtual P.O. box would work – how does your mail remain secure? Who is actually handling it? The virtual P.O. box is staffed by a team of carefully vetted employees who undergo strict background checks and are never handled by any third party carriers; everything is done in house in their own facilities. These well-trained staff will shred your documents after you’ve viewed them, and always make sure your mail is secure and safe.


You can make changes to your post office box, and even change your address to reflect a move (even choosing your own street address), at any time. Most virtual post office plans require no contract and allow you to cancel whenever you wish, as well as being reasonably affordable.


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There are lots of reasons why a family might choose cloud-based post office plans. For a disabled person who isn’t easily able to travel; someone who is always on base and can’t get out to the post office very often, or who isn’t able to travel for security reasons; for the military Mom who is too busy to handle it all on her own; families who are often moving from base to base and need a reliable physical address…these are just a handful of reasons why a virtual P.O. box might be the perfect idea for your family.


The Virtual P.O. Box is a great way to make military life easier. #militarylife #armywife #pcs #deployment #armylife

Your days of walking up the driveway in the rain to check the mail might just be over!

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