Mom Style: The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe For Moms

Mom Style: How to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for moms. #momstyle #mom #fashion #clothes #clothing #capsulewardrobe #jeans #leggings #sweater #momshirt

Mom’s are busy. They are up in the morning, not only grabbing their first coffee but making sure packed lunches, breakfasts, and sports kits are ready to go for the day ahead. The school runs, working out, working, cleaning, cooking, and sometimes looking great can take a back seat. A mom capsule wardrobe will help you to have the perfect mom style.


Over time you end up purchasing new clothing and footwear for the children while wearing the same lounge pants you had when you were pregnant the first time around.


And that isn’t to say that what you wear isn’t comfortable, but sometimes we all wish it was a little bit easier to look amazing.


That is where a capsule wardrobe can be your best friend. They are always ready to go, and the mix and match values are high. Everything will go with everything, and you will always look put together – even at 7.30 am on a Thursday.


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There are a couple of basics that just make the whole thing come together well.


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Mom Style: The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe For Moms



If you have been holding on to jeans that are a few sizes too small, t-shirts that have more holes than swiss cheese and things that you just don’t even glance at – it is time to say goodbye. Try everything on, and if you love it, then keep it. If you know you aren’t going to get the use out of it, then either donate it, sell it or put it in the bin.



Once you have fewer options to wear, you will get dressed much quicker. The paradox of choice means the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a decision quickly (or at all). A capsule wardrobe will help you get dressed quickly every day.



When you have high-quality leggings, you can wear them in the house or out. Get something in breathable cotton so that they are comfortable in the summer or the winter, and go for a color like navy or black. They look great dressed down with something like my favorite mom shirts, or with a sweater in the winter months.


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Cute t-shirts are an important part of any moms wardrobe. There are so many sayings and designs to choose from. If you’re looking for some cute t-shirts make sure to check these out!


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Tank Tops

These are great for layering. You can layer it with cardigans or shirts, and they also allow for thinner blouses during the summer without your undergarments showing.



The best thing about shirts and blouses is that they are super easy to wear. They are great for work, a dinner out, or with the right relaxed fabric like linen perfect for around the house too. You can add a casual feel to a shirt when you pair it with jeans.



Black Dress

Potentially the ultimate in versatility. They can be worn on many occasions, and the more simple the dress, the more you can play around with accessories and shoes to give it a different look and feel. Skater style dresses are the most relaxed and perfect from Spring all the way through to early winter.



The right cut and style of jeans can make you feel a million dollars. If you opt for black, then you will get the most use out of them as they are usually smart enough for a casual business office.





A waterfall cardigan can be styled simply with a belt. They work for the school run with jeans or leggings, or over your shirt and jeans for a slightly more put-together feel.



Some people love a good sweater, and the great thing is that they get a lot of wear. If you purchase one that is slightly over-sized, then you can pop your tank top underneath, throw your hair in a messy bun and be on your way.


Long-Sleeved Tee

Scoop neck, v-neck, black, white, stripped, whatever the weather. They are a great piece to own.


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You can choose to have a skirt in the base layer color of your wardrobe (black//navy//grey), or you can choose to have your skirt bring in the pops of color. Pencil skirts don’t make every feel like they can take over the world, so if you want something more relaxed, then a skater skirt or an A-line might be the best choice.



You need three pairs of shoes. One will be a great pair of sneakers; one will likely be a ballet pump or another comfortable flat and the other a heel. Out of those, the heel will probably be worn the least. But if you get these to match the color of your cardigan or favorite jumper, they will pull the outfit together.

Mom Style: How to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for moms. #momstyle #mom #fashion #clothes #clothing #capsulewardrobe #jeans #leggings #sweater #momshirt


And that is it. Trim down your wardrobe to fewer items, and you can create a huge 200+ outfits from as little as 22 pieces! Have you tried switching to a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear what’s in your mom capsule wardrobe.


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