Easy Kids Craft: 3D Kite

Easy Kids Paper Craft. This 3D kite diy for kids is cheap and requires only a few supplies. #kidscraft #activity #activities #kids #parenting #easy #DIY #kite #summer #spring

Whether your kids are on vacation from school, the weather is bad, or you’re just stuck inside, this easy kids craft will help beat the boredom.


As we speak, my kids are finishing their first week of spring break. Because of recent health concerns across the country, spring break has been extended another two weeks. Usually, I would panic at the thought of having to entertain my kids while working from home and maintaining a home for three and a half weeks, but not this time.



I’m prepared with lots of fun activities to keep them busy as well as educational activities to keep them learning.


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One of the biggest issues moms face when their kids are home from school for an extended period of time is keeping them busy and, of course, keeping them from arguing with each other.

My kids love doing crafts, so anytime they start to complain about being bored or start arguing with each other, I get out the craft supplies. I almost always have basic craft supplies in my house. Markers, colored paper, glue, and odds and ends we get from the Dollar Store are in the craft cupboard.


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Easy DIY Kids Craft. 3D kite craft for kids.


This time we made a 3D kite craft. My nine year old was able to do it on her own, but my four year old needed a little help. They had a blast choosing their colors and gluing it all together.


3D Kite: Kids Craft


kite craft


Supplies needed:

Colored Paper ( We used cardstock )

Glue Sticks


Yarn, string or ribbon for the kite string

Printer ( to print the templates )




Have your kids choose the colors they want to use in their kite. We chose four colors for each kite.

Download the template here and print it onto the colored paper. If you don’t want to download the template or don’t have a printer, you can simply draw a kite shape on your paper and cut it out. Make sure that all of your kite pieces are the same size, or they won’t line up when gluing them together.


kids craft


After cutting all of your pieces out, fold each piece in half.


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kite craft kids


You’ll then start gluing the folded pieces together like an accordion.


kite craft


easy kids craft


Once all the kite pieces are glued together, glue it to your background paper.



kids craft


Cut a piece of yarn, string or ribbon and glue it on your paper as the kite string. We glued ours on in a wavy pattern.



The last thing you want to do is to cut your clouds out. Here’s a template you can print and cut, or you can make your own. Glue the clouds onto your background paper, and that’s it.


easy craft kids



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Make one kite or make multiple kites to put onto a sheet of paper.


Easy Kids Paper Craft. This 3D kite diy for kids is cheap and requires only a few supplies. #kidscraft #activity #activities #kids #parenting #easy #DIY #kite #summer #spring

I love this kid’s craft because it’s simple and requires very few supplies. Have you done a craft with your kids lately? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Joleisa | 24th Mar 20

    I haven’t done any papercraft recently but have kept myself crafting still. This is quite a cute idea and I sure will pin to share. Thanks for sharing.

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