Maternity Compression Coverage For Military Moms

Maternity compression coverage for military moms. Pregnant and new moms can get maternity compression through insurance. #mom #pregnancy #pregnant #newmom #health

Did you know that Tricare covers most, if not all the cost of both breast pumps and maternity compression?

Being a military wife has lots of benefits. The friendships made, travel opportunities, and health benefits are at the top of my list.

If you’re a pregnant or new mom, this information is for you. If you’re not pregnant or nursing, make sure to share it with someone that is.


Aeroflow is a one-stop shop for breast pumps and maternity compression garments for new and expectant military moms.


maternity compression


Maternity compression garments are specifically designed to provide relief of certain symptoms during pregnancy and the postpartum phase of motherhood. The most common types of maternity compression are compression socks, belly bands, and postpartum garments. We all know that carrying around an extra small human for nine months can take a toll on your body, so why not take advantage of benefits that will help with that.


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Compression socks are best put on in the morning before swelling starts. They help reduce the risk of varicose veins by gradually increasing pressure to promote blood flow and restrict swelling.

Postpartum garments can be used as part of a treatment for diastasis recti. They support the abdomen with targeted support panels and are recommended for use after birth to four months postpartum. Another great benefit of postpartum garments is that they help reduce edema and aid in healing after a c-section.


maternity compression


Belly bands are one of the most popular forms of support during pregnancy. They redistribute the baby weight from your hips, abs, and lower back to your core. This helps to alleviate back and hip pain during pregnancy. Belly bands can be worn as early as three months into pregnancy.


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Most insurances, including Tricare, will cover most or all of the cost of maternity compression. However, you will need a prescription from a Doctor.

Having had three daughters, I’m fully aware of the toll that pregnancy can take on your body. If you’re pregnant or a new mom, make sure to take advantage of all of your health benefits.


Maternity compression coverage for military moms. Pregnant and new moms can get maternity compression through insurance. #mom #pregnancy #pregnant #newmom #health


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