DIY Frozen Dog Treat Recipe

Easy DIY Popsicle Treat Recipe For Dogs. Keep your puppy cool and happy this summer with a homemade dog treat. #dogs #puppy #diy #dogtreat #dogpopsicle #homemadedogtreat #peanutbutter #frozen

These DIY Frozen Dog Treats are sure to be a hit when the weather is warm.


This is my first spring in Texas, and I’ve learned that the weather starts to get hot in April. As I’m writing this, it’s 93 degrees out! While my dogs don’t mind the heat, I know that it’s essential to keep them cool.


easy diy frozen dog treat


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I grew up in Michigan, where our hottest days of the year were in July and August and never got over 90 degrees. I miss the cooler temperatures, but being an Army wife, we move where the Army tells us too.


We have two dogs. Frank is our Golden Retriever, and Molly is our Shih-Poo. They are an important part of our family. Most of the time, they are super spoiled. Because they are such an important part of our family, we want only the best for them. When we go out of town and can’t take them or need someone to walk them while we are busy, we use Rover to book a fantastic dog sitter or dog walker.


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They are both huge lovers of peanut butter. That’s why for this DIY frozen dog treat treat recipe, I used peanut butter. Frank was so excited while I was making them that I let him lick the spoon when I was finished because, of course, he can’t wait until they are frozen.

These frozen dog treats are made with Greek yogurt, which is good for dogs. It has probiotic benefits and gives your dog the calcium they need. I also used peanut butter in these treats, which is a good source of protein and healthy fat for dogs. With any ingredient, make sure you do not use sugar-free because it may contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.


easy diy frozen dog treat


DIY Frozen Dog Treat Ingredients

Plain Greek Yogurt (make you don’t use sugar-free yogurt because it may contain a sugar-free substitute, called xylitol that is toxic to dogs.)

Peanut Butter

Dog Bones ( I used these )

Ice Cube Tray

Bowl and Whisk



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dog Popsicle treat


How to make DIY Frozen Dog Treats

This recipe is super easy to make.

In a mixing bowl, combine 2 cups of Greek yogurt with 1 cup of peanut butter. Whisk them together until it is thoroughly combined.

Spoon the mixture into the ice cube tray and give the tray a shake to make sure it settles to the bottom of the tray.

All that’s left to do is stick a dog bone in the center of each cube and put it in the freezer.

Once frozen, they are ready for your pup to enjoy!

I have another DIY dog treat recipe that you might like. You can find it here.


Easy DIY Popsicle Treat Recipe For Dogs. Keep your puppy cool and happy this summer with a homemade dog treat. #dogs #puppy #diy #dogtreat #dogpopsicle #homemadedogtreat #peanutbutter #frozen

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