3 Tasks Covid Has Made Difficult

3 Ways Covid has made life more difficult and how to make them easier. #shopping #stayhome #safety #health #momlife

The current pandemic across the globe profoundly changed life for us all. Many of the impacts of this are likely going to be felt in shock-waves for years to come. If you’ve felt changes in your life as a result of the pandemic, you are probably like the rest of us in wanting it to be over.


However, we might still have some time before we can manage it properly, especially if there are any further spikes in infection, and lockdown starts again. In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the things which COVID has made suddenly much more difficult, and what you might do to improve upon them in some way.




Moving Home

If you had plans to move home, it is highly likely that they were interrupted by the pandemic. Although many places are starting to allow house moves again now, you might well still be wary about actually doing so.

 If you were stuck in the middle of a move, or just before one, then you might well be in a stressful situation without a definite route out. If you had already moved some items into storage ready for a move, then you might be worried about what you are paying for the privilege. One solution is to look for the cheapest storage you can and move your stuff over to there – so that you can at least save some money while you wait for the OK to get moving again.

As a military family, we are preparing to move in the next few months. I can tell you that this move will be much different than all of our other moves. But like with anything, we make the best of it.


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3 Ways Covid has made life more difficult




Most schools also closed, which is probably just as well, as they are one of the most likely places to spread the infection, even though children do not seem too adversely affected by the virus themselves.

With schools closed, many of us had to think about how we were going to educate our kids, and homeschooling suddenly became a much more popular thing overnight. If you are still trying to get to grips with homeschooling, you are not alone.

It is something that many find challenging, for the simple reason that you have to suddenly take on the role of a teacher, something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, with the right attitude and some persistence, you should be able to teach your kids easily enough in the meantime.

Check Pinterest for activities and learning resources for your kids. There are tons of free ideas and activities out there; it’s just a matter of looking for them and taking advantage of them.



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3 Ways Covid has made life more difficult.



Chances are, you had to stop going shopping as well, especially for non-essential items. This has shown just how easy it is to buy things online, however, even if it is in the ideal way to purchase all things – such as clothing of certain types, shoes, and so on. With all of the online shopping though, shipping times and availability isn’t what it used to be.


3 Ways Covid has made life more difficult and how to make them easier. #shopping #stayhome #safety #health #momlife


Most of us are adjusting to this new lifestyle now. Pinterest is full of ways to make life easier during this time, as well as ways to stay entertained at home.


Written by: Devon


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