5 Tips For Veterans Looking For Work

5 Tips for Veterans looking for a job. Retiring or getting out of the military can be a stressful time. These tips will help you in the job search process. #military #veterans #job #civilian #transition #resume #career

Searching for work for veterans can be a complicated process. It’s a huge change considering you’ve been accustomed to military life for a significant time. On the plus side, career changes are an exciting venture, a chance to get started on the next chapter of your life. When you’re ready to begin, bear in mind these five tips.


Begin your job search early


Once you’ve decided to leave the military, it’s wise to begin the process of finding a new job right away. Job hunting is far more than just google searching. You’ve got to rewrite your resume, establish your passions, and determine the direction you are moving in. You’re in for a process of figuring out your new goals, networking, and searching far and wide for opportunities. All in all, the sooner you get started- the better!



List transferable skills & passions


Looking for a new career is daunting, and you might be feeling like you’re not sure where to start. It’s easy to fear the unknown, but remember, you’ve learned plenty of transferable skills during your time in the military. It helps to make a list of these so that you can include them in detail on your new resume. The next thing to do is a little soul searching, what are your passions? What is your best-case scenario for a new job? Which kind of extra training will you need to make it happen?


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Look for specialist agencies



Several organizations specialize in recruiting ex-military, for instance, Orion or Bradley-Morris. Be sure to look at resources such as Military Transition News’ for plenty of great advice and suitable job postings.


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 Consider training apprenticeships


If you’re looking to re-train, an apprenticeship program could be a neat idea. That way, you’ll get paid as you’re training, and increase your earning potential once you’ve qualified. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to re-train in, you’ll need to scour the web for the best programs out there. Those interested in truck driving options would be well advised to check out Knight Transportation careers for Veterans.


Use social media profiles to find work for Veterans


As you’ve probably noticed, social media is an excellent space for job seekers. Creating profiles on sites like LinkedIn can help you to showcase your profile and network with the right people. When you are rewriting your resume, bear in mind that many recruiters now use AI to sort applications. To appeal to AI search bots, it’s useful to match each application you write to the job description. To do this, try using as many keywords and phrases included in the job spec as possible. Setting yourself up a website is another useful way to gain credibility as a professional.



5 Tips for Veterans looking for a job. Retiring or getting out of the military can be a stressful time. These tips will help you in the job search process. #military #veterans #job #civilian #transition #resume #career



Above all, remain positive and patient throughout the process. Finding new work is often challenging, but with perseverance, you’ll soon see great results. Before long, you’ll be embarking on a new way of life. (Life as a veteran also means there’ll be more time for fun activities with your kids!


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