Is Your Child Learning The Drums? Here’s How You Can Stay Sane.

How to stay sane when your child is learning the drums or any instrument. #parenting #kids #music #learning #drums #guitar

If your child is learning the drums or any loud instrument for that matter, you will surely have your patience tested to some degree from here on out.


Of course, this is not to say that the situation of your child learning and trying to grow a skill to a terrible life burden you have to bear. Yet while you can be proud of them and help them, it’s also worthwhile to consider some of your understandable human needs that may need attention.


Noise can be one of these issues. Even if you are rarely irritated by loud sounds, there’s no telling if your neighbors share the same patience. Furthermore, sometimes it can be worthwhile to teach our child respect for others and temperance relating to how they interact with their new hobby.


So, where is the correct balance found? How can you, as a parent, encourage your child’s ambitions while also shielding against the natural consequences of them? In this post, we’ll explore that together:


learning drums




Soundproofing can help you grant your child part of your house for them to practice their instrument in, no matter if that’s in your basement or in their bedroom. It can help you avoid annoying the neighbors with such repetitive practice. Using insulation for soundproofing has other benefits, too, such as helping you isolate the noise from outside your home in some instances. This can be a great consideration if planning to renovate part of your house. A  insulation of this nature can grant you a much more comfortable living experience.



Scheduling Times


Scheduling times for them to practice can help you enforce some stable ground rules. You’ll know that they’ll be banging the drums from 5-7 each night, and you can talk to your neighbors ahead of time.

Regularity and expectation can help even loud distractions seem less intrusive. It will help your child stick to a schedule of practice and not have to worry about bothering others. They’re just trying to improve, after all, they shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells. This also allows you to more peacefully spend your evenings without having to worry.


Getting Involved


Getting involved in your child’s learning can help you avoid seeing it as something you have to deal with, and view it as something you are excited about.Being involved means helping them go through their music textbooks, or listening to music together, or attending their recitals, or simply listening to their home performances.

The best part of this is you can literally hear your child learning. When they get it right, it’ll take your breath away. Surely, that has to be worth a few bangs or incorrect notes while you’re preparing dinner during the week.


How to stay sane when your child is learning the drums or any instrument. #parenting #kids #music #learning #drums #guitar

With this advice, I hope you can also enjoy the process of helping your child learn their fantastic new talent.


Written by: Devon

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